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How can I attend the Alabama Police Academy?

The individual must be employed by a Law Enforcement Agency

Do I have to stay over the weekend at the Police Academy?

No, students are allowed to go home over the weekend.

How much does it cost to attend the Alabama Police Academy?

$1,100.00 per student

What is the procedure for tuition reimbursement?

The Police Academy Accounts Technician will mail the Memorandum of Agreement to the agency. To be eligible for reimbursement, the student office must be required to be housed on campus or require lodging because of the distance from the employing agency to the academy while attending the Police Academy. Also, the Agency must have first paid the cost during the Academy session. The student officer must also graduate and receive certification from the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training commission. After the end of the Academy session the Agency must submit within two weeks a reimbursement claim to the ACJTC.

Is the Alabama Criminal Justice training Center Police Academys APOSTC training approved thru post-secondary education for Veterans Administration (VA) education benefits?


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