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In addition to the AMBER Alert system, Alabama has implemented a second-tier alert program, the Emergency Missing Child Alert system. These alerts are most often issued when an actual abduction has not occurred but the child is still in danger of physical injury or death. The system is designed to inform the public about a missing child when the circumstances of the child’s disappearance do not allow for AMBER activation. Unlike the AMBER Alert system, the Emergency Missing Child Alert system does not involve activation of the state’s Emergency Alert System (EAS).

When a Emergency Missing Child Alert is issued, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency prepares a flyer featuring the child’s photograph and descriptive information. ALEA activates its Emergency Missing Child Alert e-mail distribution system to advise the media and the public about the missing child. The e-mail communicates the circumstances of the child’s disappearance, provides the child’s description, and includes a link to ALEA's Web site, The Web site includes the alert notice, missing child flyer, and any other information that may help in locating and recovering the child.

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